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Teachers and parents can find detailed informatin about the characteristics of specific disabilities, teaching tips, information about technology and more.

  Disability Information

My child/student has _____, what does that mean?   What are the characteristics of specific disabilities?   Is autism and Asperger Syndrome the same thing?   How do I know if my child/student has ADHD?   Find additional information about specific disabilities here.


The use of technology can greatly increase the learning of your child/student.   Assistive technology can provide devices for communication, physical adaptive devices, hearing aids, visual aids, etc

  Parents' Corner

Being a parent of a child with special needs may be quite a challenge. Sometimes you may need more information about your child's disability, tips on how to help your child or to know what supports are available.   To help, I have assembled links to informative Websites to help you get general information and specific information about what you can do to support your child at home and at school.

  Teacher's Page

This section features links for teaching techniques, strategies and research articles on how to teach students with disabilities.   Links are by specific disability so, for example, if you need tips on how to teach a student with Autism you can find it here.

  Kid's Arena

Hey kids check out these great Websites!


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